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Has your employer approached you with an offer to leave your job with a Settlement Agreement? You should be wary. Employers will often try and take advantage of the situation at this point and will not offer the financial amount you are entailed too. Dawson Employment Law are here to offer legal advice regarding Settlement Agreements to employees in Luton and maximise your financial compensation.


What are settlement agreements: Formerly known as compromise agreements, Settlement Agreements are voluntary agreements where upon you formally agree to leave your employer and/or resolve a dispute amicably on terms which are beneficial to you.


Your employer will inform you that the terms of your Settlement Agreement are ONLY binding after you have taken legal advice from a solicitor. It is usual for the employer to contribute to or pay all the legal costs incurred.


Dawson Employment Law is authorised by the Law Society to advise employees living or working in Luton on Settlement Agreements. We will help you secure the best deal possible within a Settlement Agreement and negotiate that your employer pays towards your legal fees.





Settlement Agreement guidance for employees


You will receive 1-1 guidance from Rosine Dawson who has 25 years’ experience in dealing with Settlement agreements and founded Dawson employment law 8 years ago, she will handle your case personally.


So, if you work in Luton and your employer has asked you to sign a Settlement Agreement, talk to us. As Settlement Agreement solicitors, we offer the best advice on employment law in the Luton area. Through our personal, efficient and professional services we have helped numerous employees secure the best terms in a settlement agreement and the financial compensation that they are entitled to.

Settlement Agreement Luton

25 Years Experience

Before founding Dawson Employment Law in Bedford, Rosine Dawson was a partner and head of a department in a large Milton Keynes law firm, so you can be sure you will be getting quality advice from a senior solicitor with a wealth of experience.‚Äč